Victory Is Sweet – Chocolate Sweet


Tags: Sports Nutrition, Built by Nature

I know what you're thinking – chocolate milk? Good for you? With all that sugar? 

Well, there are actually only about 12g of added sugar in a glass of chocolate milk, depending on the brand. The rest of the sugar occurs naturally in milk. What’s more, the added sugar raises the carbs-to-protein ratio of a typical glass of chocolate milk to around 3:1, which happens to be the ideal ratio to help the body recover after working out. 

Proper replenishment means better performance at the next workout, practice or game. The balance of carbohydrates to protein in chocolate milk is ideal for recovery immediately after a workout and throughout the day as the body recovers. 

Of course, regular milk is beneficial, too, with 8g of protein, plus eight other essential nutrients, including natural electrolytes. But to optimize recovery, you'd have to add in another carbohydrate along with it, like a piece of fruit. It’s often just easier to drink chocolate milk. If you're looking for more protein, try a milk fortified with extra protein, but again, be sure to pair it with a carbohydrate to provide the right fuel for the body to recover. 

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