Dairy MAX Cooler Program

Program Overview

Dairy MAX is a regional dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farm families across an eight-state region. Dairy farmers are committed to providing sustainable nutrition that is good for people, animals and the planet. Milk is an affordable and nutritious source of 13 essential nutrients, and it's the number one food source for calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

Milk is one of the most requested yet least available items at food pantries. Dairy MAX and Feeding America share the goal of reducing barriers to nutritious foods, and Dairy MAX works to fix that nutritional gap by partnering with local food pantries to place coolers.


Program Requirement & Deliverables

  1. Application must be submitted by a food pantry.
  2. Food bank network/pantry agrees to use cooler for dairy only.
    • Food bank is responsible for providing consistent supply of dairy to pantries awarded a cooler, with a priority on milk.
    • Dairy can be sourced from USDA programs, donations, purchase or other means. Dairy MAX can help connect food banks to dairy processors.
  3. Pantries must distribute weekly and have significant opportunity to increase dairy distribution to their guests.
  4. Food banks and pantries agree to monthly usage reporting.
  5. Pantries must have adequate space and electrical capacity:
    • Cooler size: 64-gallon (internal volume 23 ft2)
    • Exterior dimension (est.): 31" w x 31" d x 78.375" h
    • Refrigerant: r290
    • Amperage: 2.7 amps
    • Volts: 110-120v
    • Hertz: 60 Hz
    • Compressor horsepower: 1/3 HP

This is a competitive process. Applications will be reviewed and awarded based on funds available and criteria.


Questions? Contact Michelle Van Pelt, business development manager, to get more information about the program.


Food bank cooler placements maps