Food Security and Equity

Helping nourish others

Farmers, processors, the Feeding America food bank network, consumers and the entire value chain must work together to make wholesome, sustainable and nutritious products – like milk and dairy – readily available.

Nourish Those in Need

Explore these programs to support your business and keep families in your community fed.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

USDA funds for processors and nonprofit distributors to provide food to low-income Americans in emergencies.

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Milk2MyPlate (Milk Purchase Model)

A model for consistent food bank purchases from dairy processors. Other models available.

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Dairy Donation Program

Partnerships between dairy organizations and nonprofit distributors, like food banks, that are eligible to receive USDA reimbursements.

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Dairy Cooler Program

Resources to help food banks serve their clients and communities through the establishment and expansion of refrigeration.

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Partners in Feeding Our Communities

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