Lana Balvin Frantzen, Ph.D.

Lana Balvin Frantzen, Ph.D. (Texas)

Vice President, Health and Wellness

Dr. Lana Frantzen has a smorgasbord of specialties, from cultural health issues and breakfast research to food psychology and lactose intolerance. As part of the Dairy MAX team, she serves as a regional media spokesperson leveraging science to share creative ways to make food nutritious, enjoyable and memorable. Lana is dedicated to improving the health of the Hispanic community through her efforts in promoting the dietary guidance of MyPlate and its Spanish equivalent, MiPlato. In addition to her Ph.D. in nutrition from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Texas in Austin, and is a wife and mom of two boys.

Favorite health breakfast: 
Milk and cereal.

Favorite physical activity: 
Hot yoga.

One food you’d want if stranded on a desert island: