COVID-19 Response

Still Feeding Communities. Still Fueling Hope.

As a crucial part of the American supply chain, dairy farmers have not stopped working to feed all of us throughout this pandemic.


Dollars and Counting

School Nutrition Funding Provided by Our Region

Dairy farmers, GENYOUth, Fuel Up to Play 60, the NFL and other partners are funding supplies to help schools safely feed hungry kids despite closed cafeterias.

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Gallons and Counting

Milk Donated by Our Region

Dairy MAX dairy farmers, processors and other industry partners are donating more and more milk and dairy products to local food banks during this crisis.


Pizzas and Counting

Pizzas Donated to Healthcare and Child Nutrition Workers

Domino's, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dairy MAX are working to deliver pizzas to child nutrition directors, front line clinicians and housekeeping staff at hospitals in our region. 


Heroes Feeding Our Communities

School Meal Service Solutions

As school nutrition operations evolve, Dairy MAX offers solutions and resources to help you continue nourishing students.

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How Is Milk Protected?

From our farms to your table, milk is tested numerous times and is never directly touched by human hands.

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